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Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services/ Amazon Data Entry

If you are an eCommerce entrepreneur seeking to sell your products on Amazon’s Amazon Product Data Entry Services are ideal for you. We will upload your product feed data on Amazon meticulously and at extremely affordable rates. Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced and have a knack of turning around every Amazon product data entry project well before the expiry of the deadline.

To help you start selling on Amazon, our experts create product listings in tune with the guidelines laid by Our Amazon Product Upload Services are aimed at helping you expand customer reach, boost sales and generate revenue.

As a part of our Amazon Product Data Entry Services we will:

  • Upload product data like product prices, product name, brand, manufacturer’s name, SKUs, etc. with one hundred per cent accuracy. Besides, our Amazon Listing Services professionals will enrich your product data with extra details like product weight, color and shape. Whenever applicable, we will also enter unique identification numbers such as European Article Numbers (EANs), Manufacturer’s Part Numbers (MPNs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and Universal Product Codes (UPCs).
  • Ensure that your product descriptions are pithy, persuasive and hundred per cent original. The writers at are keen researchers and clever word smiths. They will combine their own research with the details provided by the manufacturers to create original descriptions which will provide shoppers with all the information they need. They will also give each product description a unique heading and make your descriptions keyword rich and SEO friendly.
  • Intelligently work on your product taxonomy so that your products are placed in the right categories and sub-categories and shoppers can find them with ease.
  • As and when practical, use software such as Vendio, Blackthorne, Turbo Lister, or Auctiva to upload your product data upon Amazon.
  • Ensure the attractiveness of your product images by working on their contrast, color and light. If required, our photo editors will crop your product images in a manner that all that is superfluous on them is removed. Our photo editors can also create shadow effects around a product’s image to lend it a three dimensional feel. Further, if a product image’s background is multicolored or unattractive, our photo editors will erase it or extract the product image from it using the Photoshop lasso tool. We will give all your product images a uniform, single color background. We will also make sure that your product images conform to Amazon’s size, file format and resolution specifications.
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  • Amazon Data Entry

Further benefits of making your Amazon Product Data Entry Services outsourcing partner:

  • We can enter product data from multiple source formats with equal ease. As required, our professionals will enter product data PDF, MS Excel files or hardcopy catalogs.
  • For performing Amazon product data entry, you have the option of providing us CSV files with set fields or providing us the administrator password so that we can enter product data directly from your remote login system.
  • We keep our clients’ product data completely secure.
  • As part of our Amazon Product Entry Services, we help our clients in processing orders. We can also help you with inventory management by updating product availability, product prices, etc.
  • We provide Amazon Product Listing Services at competitive prices. Our turnaround rates are the quickest in the industry.

If you have thousands of products to be added in your Amazon store, we provide Amazon bulk product upload services, thus assisting you upload products in batches with utmost ease and accuracy.

When you outsource Amazon Listing Services to, we work in close coordination with you to deliver solutions in alignment with your business requirements. Providing Amazon Data Entry Services at cost-effective prices, we also help you save your time and cost.

At Samm Data, we offer provide Amazon product listing optimization services, as part of which our experts follow Amazon's ranking algorithm to optimize your product data and help you gain a better position in search result pages. Our Amazon listing optimization experts incorporate mostly relevant and high-volume keywords in the content so that your products rank higher and the store drives maximum traffic.

Through Amazon listing optimization services, we not only support you in boosting your rankings but also increasing product sales. We add five unique search terms, use browse nodes and ensure that the filter fields are appropriately filled with pertinent details like color, size, style, material, brand, price, etc.

Efficiently Manage Your Amazon Account

Our Amazon listers are experienced in creating and managing listings and selling products on both Amazon Seller Central as well as Amazon Vendor Central. Our Amazon listing specialists not only accurately list items, but also research inbound items to evaluate for marketability on Amazon, write product details, post photos, research competitor prices, process orders and maintain accurate inventory records.

Range of services offered when you hire Amazon Experts from Samm Data:

  • Complete Amazon listing help
  • Amazon Product Upload and Management
  • Amazon Description Writing
  • Amazon Image Editing and Enhancement
  • Amazon Product Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Buy Box Strategy
  • Program Management – Amazon Product Ads, etc.
  • A+ Content Creation

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Amazon product data entry and Amazon bulk product upload services.