Multichannel eCommerce Management

Leverage product information across multiple eCommerce channels including eBay and Amazon to Google Product Search.

Rakuten/ Product Listing Services, formerly, is an online marketplace popular with shoppers looking to buy quality products at bargain prices. Because of the very high traffic volume it attracts, listing products on very is profitable for an eCommerce entrepreneur. The task, however, must be assigned to hands which have been specially trained for it as it involves processing and entering great quantities of data.

At, we provide Buy.Com Product Data Entry Services to help you save your time, money and efforts, and focus on core competencies to achieve organizational goals.

As a part of our Rakuten/ Product Listing Services we will:

  • Work on your product taxonomy. For gaining visibility on a marketplace it is absolutely essential that your products are listed under the right categories and sub-categories. At we intelligently categorize your products ensuring that shoppers find them quickly and you register more sales.
  • Enter all your product data with one hundred per cent accuracy. At we tirelessly pursue perfection. Our Product Entry specialists are highly trained and employ the double key method to flawlessly enter a client’s product data like price, product name, brand, manufacturer’s name, SKUs, etc.
  • Enrich your product data with extra details. Whenever applicable, as a part of our Product Listing Services, our professionals will add details like product weight, color and shape. We will also enter unique identification numbers such as European Article Numbers (EANs), Manufacturer’s Part Numbers (MPNs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and Universal Product Codes (UPCs).
  • Edit your product images. We remove all spots and blemishes from your product images while also taking care to ensure that the light, contrast and color on them are just right. If needed, our photo editors will crop your product images in a way that all that is unnecessary on them is removed. Further, we will erase unattractive backgrounds, create shadow effects around your product images for a three dimensional feel and give your product images SEO friendly tags. Our Product Data Entry Upload professionals can produce product images as per file format and resolution specifications.
  • Create compelling and hundred per cent original product descriptions. Unique, keyword rich and SEO friendly product descriptions can really do wonders for your eCommerce business. For every product listed on, our professionals will write an original description blending their own research with the details provided by the manufacturer. We will ensure that your product descriptions are pithy, persuasive and hundred per cent original. Our writers are experienced and have a real way with words, they can explicate even the most technical features of a product without ever resorting to jargon. When performing product listing, we will also give each of your product descriptions an original heading.
  • bulk product upload
  • data entry
  • inventory management
  • listing data entry

Samm Data has rich experience in Rakuten/ Product Listing and provides the best value.

  • At we provide Rakuten/ Product Listing Services to help eCommerce entrepreneurs register a presence on
  • Our Product Data Entry experts are experienced, meticulous and capable of turning around even the biggest product listing project within the deadline.
  •’s Rakuten/ Product Listing Services professionals can enter product data from all kinds of source formats – MS Excel, .csv, PDF and hard copy catalogs.
  • We provide Data Entry Services at affordable rates. Our turnaround rates too are the best in the industry.

Furthermore, we provide Bulk Product Upload Services as part of which our experts add thousands of items in batches, while ensuring optimum accuracy.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Rakuten/ Product Listing Services.