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Managing comparison data feed for eStore selling beauty and personal care products

Client background: A US based eStore selling beauty and personal care products

Project requirements: For some time, the client had been observing a decline in traffic on his eStore. The sales too had been taking a beating. The client was much surprised because his eStore offered some of the most attractive prices and discounts and an assortment of the most coveted brands. The shoppers, nevertheless, seemed to be unaware of this and preferred to buy from his competitors. The client realized that the surest way to draw shoppers to his eStore is to enable them to compare the prices and brands offered by him with those offered by his competitors. He decided to upload his eStore’s product data feed on GoogleShopping and hired to do the job.

The Challenges:

  • The client’s industry vertical – beauty and personal care products – happens to be one of the most competitive. There are scores of eStores offering shoppers a choice of hundreds of brands. We, thus, had do some very thorough product and price research before commencing the project. Our professionals had to meticulously go through the results yielded by GoogleShopping to determine what products are being offered by the client’s competitors and the prices at which they are offering them.
  • We had just a week to turn around the project. The client’s losses were mounting and any delays would have cost him dearly.
  • While uploading his product data, the client expected us to optimize it by ensuring that the product tags, meta titles, image tags and link URLs are SEO friendly.
  • We also had to review the client’s product descriptions and ascertain their uniqueness.
  • The client also expected us to review his product taxonomy and bring it in consonance with the product taxonomy of his more successful competitors.

Our Solution: The project was assigned to a team of ten professionals specializing in managing comparison data feed. To begin with, they identified the client’s competitors and thoroughly went over the products, brands and prices offered by them. Our professionals also exhaustively researched the product taxonomy developed by the client’s competitors. Following this, our client added more brands to his eStore and adjusted his prices and product taxonomy on the basis of the research done by our professionals. Once this was done, we began uploading the client’s product data on GoogleShopping. To ensure one hundred per cent accuracy we throughout employed the double key data entry technique.’s SEO specialists optimized the client’s product tags, meta titles, image tags and link URLs while the product description writing professionals painstakingly reviewed all his product descriptions. After identifying the ones which were not original, they re-wrote them in a pithy, compelling and keyword rich language. Soon after we turned around the project, traffic returned to the client’s eStore and his sales picked up by 60%.

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