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No more incomplete, inconsistent or hard-to-find eCommerce data with Catalog Processing Services from Samm Data.

eCommerce Data Migration Services

eStores, as they expand and get bigger, frequently tend to outgrow the platform on which they were originally constructed. Or, an eCommerce entrepreneur might discover that the eCommerce platform he has chosen for his eStore is not sufficiently rich with features to meet all his business needs. In either situation, the desirable thing to do is to migrate the eStore with all its product data to another, more suitable, platform. The task, however, is an extremely onerous one and daunts even the most seasoned eCommerce business owner.

To help you transfer your product data while ensuring zero loss of information, we offer eCommerce Database Migration Services at cost-effective prices and in industry best turnaround time.

As part of our eCommerce Data Migration Services, we will:

  • Thoroughly plan the entire migration process so that no product data is lost while it is on. We will also ensure that there is no duplication of product data as we migrate your eStore from one platform to another.
  • Do an audit of your existing eStore platform and determine where and in what manner it is lacking and is hindering your business. Keeping these factors in mind we will decide on a platform which has just the features that your eCommerce business requires.
  • Study and understand the database structure of your new eCommerce platform to decide on the best possible manner of organizing your product data upon it.
  • Employ a tab delimited or comma delimited format to organize your product data and bulk migrate it to the new platform. The eCommerce Data Migration Services professionals at are extremely skilled at the task. Irrespective of how voluminous your product data is, they can handle it with a nearly one hundred per cent accuracy.
  • Make all the new page titles and URLs similar to what they were on the old platform. This will ensure that even after your eStore has moved to a new platform its page rank will not suffer and your regular customers will find it easily.
  • Ensure that the new platform is seamlessly integrated with your accounting systems, payment processes and the shipping vendor’s services.
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Samm Data has a unique approach to eCommerce Data Migration and provides the best value.

  • At, we provide Shopping Cart Data Migration Services to help you circumvent the numerous attendant hassles of migrating your eStore from one eCommerce platform to another.
  • Before we undertake an eCommerce data migration project we thoroughly study a client’s business needs and decide on a platform best suited for them.
  • Our professionals are enormously experienced and have an in depth knowledge of all major eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, osCommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart, etc. We can leverage and customize their features in a manner which is most profitable for business.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our eCommerce Data Migration Services.