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Product Description Writing Services / Catalog Copywriting Services

You might be doing everything right, but your eCommerce business is unlikely to be in profit unless your product descriptions are original. In case your product descriptions happen to have been copied from the manufacturers’ websites the page rank of your eStore will suffer severely as Google massively penalizes sites for using unoriginal content. A low page rank, in turn, will mean fewer people visiting your eStore site and reduced sales.

Penning original product descriptions while ensuring that they are brief, persuasive and lucid is a tough call though. It is a task quite beyond an amateur.

Our Catalog Copywriting Services can come in handy!

At, we offer product description writing services to help you efficiently describe your items by highlighting their features, specifications as well as benefits. Our experts will ensure that your eCommerce store is updated with well-optimized content and product descriptions.

As a part of our Product Description Writing Services we will:

  • Write product descriptions which will assuage every concern a potential buyer might have about a product. Our writers are very good at crafting descriptions which answer all queries that a shopper might have about a product and its features.
  • Do thorough research and understand a product’s features in order to encapsulate them in lucid, easily comprehensible language.
  • Whenever necessary, team our product descriptions with user reviews which will further boost a buyer’s confidence in your eStore’s offerings.
  • Do away with manufacturer’s jargon which often intimidates or irritates buyers. We will replace all technical jargon with easy to understand, everyday language so that a shopper can easily evaluate a product and its features. Our writers, thus, will never just verbatim reproduce the information provided by the employers.
  • Write catchy headings to go with the product descriptions. They will arouse the shoppers’ curiosity and give them a hint of what to expect from the product in question.
  • Create keyword rich, SEO friendly product descriptions which will improve your eStore’s page rank and help you attract more business.
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Samm Data has a unique approach to Product Description Writing and provides the best value.

  • At we provide Product Description Writing Services by adroit and experienced writers. We will make sure that your product descriptions are unique, compelling and simple and your eStore constantly enjoys high page ranks.
  • Our eCommerce SEO Copywriting Services professionals will help you address multiple market segments and audiences. Depending on whom you are targeting, teenagers, young adults or more mature buyers, we will adapt and change our language.
  • The Catalog Product Descriptions Writing professionals at understand very well that the language that serves to describe teenagers’ or young adults’ clothing will not do for business suits or formal gowns.
  • At, we provide eCommerce Content Writing Services at the most competitive rates. Our turnaround time is the best in the industry.

When you outsource Catalog Copywriting Services to us, our copywriters will conduct an in-depth research on your merchandise and write unique, persuasive and informative product descriptions that keep the visitors engaged, thus helping you boost conversion rates and improve business’s bottom line.

Our qualified product copywriters can provide you with the following services:

  • Write compelling headlines
  • Well written eCommerce product descriptions
  • Creating SEO friendly and keyword rich descriptions for search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc.
  • Managing metadata
  • Do in-depth research to understand product features and benefits
  • Write descriptions answering all queries that a customer might have
  • Uploading descriptions to your eCommerce Store

Need eCommerce Product Description Writers?

Partner with Samm Data today for eCommerce copywriting services and our product content writers will make sure that your listings stand out from that of your competitors.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Product Description Writing Services.