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Writing original product descriptions for eStore selling consumer electronics

The Client: A New Zealand based eStore selling consumer electronics.

Project requirements: The client’s eStore sold an assortment of consumer electronics such as digital cameras, DVD players, camcorders, video game consoles, personal computers, MP3 players, etc. However, despite the fact that all the top consumer electronics brands were represented on the eStore, its conversion rate had been steadily falling for some time. The eStore, as the client realized, was just not drawing the attention of shoppers. Its page rank had fallen so much that it appeared only on the third page of Google search results. Alarmed, the client carried out an audit of his eStore and discovered that most of its product descriptions had been lifted partly or wholly from the manufacturers’ websites. Apparently, the eStore was being penalized by Google because of this reason resulting in a decline in its page ranks. We, thus, had to urgently create original product descriptions for our client.

The Challenges:

Our Solution: We deployed a team of thirty product description writing specialists to work on the project. To begin with, they went over every single product description on the client’s eStore determining their originality or lack of it. Following this, they divided the descriptions into two categories – partly copied descriptions which only needed to be edited and reworked and the fully copied ones which needed to be re-written. Once the task was done, the product description writing specialists divided into two groups. One group set about re-working the partly copied descriptions while the other worked on the ones which needed complete rewriting. The two teams were assisted by a team of researchers who supplied them with all the information they required. All the product descriptions were also meticulously keyword enriched. As the new descriptions were uploaded on the client’s eStore, its page rank steadily improved till it found itself on the very first page of the Google search results. Alongside, there was a 50% improvement in the eStore’s conversion rate.

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