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Multichannel eCommerce Management Services

Leverage product information across multiple eCommerce channels including eBay and Amazon to Google Product Search.

Multichannel eCommerce Management

Multiple Marketplace Product Listing Services

For eCommerce entrepreneurs, listing their product data on two or more eCommerce marketplaces means more sales and profits. It also allows an eCommerce entrepreneur to target diverse demographics of shoppers. The benefits notwithstanding uploading product data on multichannel eCommerce marketplaces are extremely arduous. Both financially, and in terms of human resources, performing the job in-house can be prohibitively expensive.

There are hundreds of eCommerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten/, Sears, Newegg, etc., and shopping engines, including some of the very famous ones like,,,, Google product search, etc. Every eCommerce marketplace and comparison shopping site accepts product data feeds built to their specifications. Complying with each comparison shopping engine and data feed management can become cumbersome, time-consuming, and challenging.

At SAMM Data Services we provide multichannel eCommerce Management Services to help you upload product data on multiple eCommerce marketplaces economically and quickly. It's also about subtly indicating your USPs, product-related information, facts, and other relevant details. It involves extensive research to evaluate market trends and competition, and ascertain key areas to focus upon. You will thus diversify your eCommerce business and enhance its profitability.

Multi-channel product listing at SAMM Data Services

Samm Data Services is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of eCommerce management services. Our multichannel eCommerce inventory management solutions range across renowned platforms like:

How do our eCommerce marketplace management services work?

As an industry player for more than 20+ years, we have a solid understanding of the eCommerce ecosystem. When you partner with us, you can leverage this understanding for your brand's success and get benefits like:

Get high-value eCommerce management services from SAMM Data Services

At Samm Data Services, you get high-value multichannel eCommerce inventory management solutions that upscale your brand in the competitive eCommerce space. We take a holistic approach to every project and deliver an all-around solution that helps your brand reach new heights.

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