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The world of eCommerce offers plenty of opportunities but also tough competition, where every mistake by a seller will cost them dearly. Your product listing strategy should be on-point to make a mark in this sphere and gain customer trust. Outsourcing eCommerce listing services to a capable agency will ease your online store's multitasking challenges.

SAMM Data Services is an industry-leading eCommerce support services agency that operates across platforms. We have adopted a multi-faceted approach toward solving online store challenges, with creativity and affordability at the center. Our listing creation experts can write product descriptions and plan ad campaigns across channels. They also perform auxiliary services like providing virtual assistance, data management, product development strategy, etc.

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Our eCommerce listing specialists adapt to your needs so that there is no compromise in the quality of our excellent services. So, choose SAMM Data Services to list your products on all applicable eCommerce platforms. We'll help realize the full potential of your ventures with numerous benefits. They'll give the much-needed market edge against your competition and realize your business objectives.

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The eCommerce Product Listing Services We Offer

Whether you're a newcomer to the field of eCommerce or a seasoned seller, managing the various functions of selling online is never easy. eCommerce mass listing services by us can make a difference in your efforts towards becoming a successful seller. Every platform has its quirks that we can flawlessly navigate for you and list your products in alignment with them.

We accomplish it by offering customized listing services that fulfill both front-end and back-end requirements. This optimization yields the best conversion results on each platform and adds ROI while keeping your ACoS. We take a data-centric approach for accuracy.

The eCommerce product listing creation services we provide are:

We also offer other services like eCommerce virtual assistance, a complete set of data management operations, market research, etc. We take care to manage your seller/vendor support facilities, such as Amazon's Seller Central and Amazon A+ Content, offered by respective platforms. We design storefronts that are brand-centric and appealing to your target audience.

Our eCommerce Product Listing Creation's Benefits

Multitasking is the name of the game in eCommerce, which is why our eCommerce product listing services are so varied. We guarantee you the best online store management support for every relevant function. And we deliver excellence because we are a standout agency in the industry. We make the ideal outsourcing partner because we are:

  • An experienced company with over a decade of history
  • A trusted brand by many top-performing sellers/vendors
  • Offer multiple listing and associated services under a single roof
  • With an international presence for easy overseas sales support
  • Innovative and constantly adapting to market and other changes
  • Adept at listing products of all industries/categories
  • Particular about data security and privacy, with multiple countermeasures
  • Filled with dedicated and skilled professionals who are versatile
  • Concerned about providing the best customer/client support always
  • …and much more

As a result of those features, our eCommerce product upload services give you these benefits:

Outsource eCommerce Data Entry Services To Us

Get the support of an established and result-oriented eCommerce product data entry service provider to give your database the quality improvement it needs. We work round the clock to cut your costs, improve time-to-market, and help you make profitable business decisions. We will ensure that your customers get accustomed to a great online shopping experience from you regardless of their platform choice.

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What content will you provide for my email ads campaign?

Email ads need to be succinct and deliver the intended message while offering the opportunity to link to a product page. We cover these factors while designing and implementing email ad content for you. The email ad will contain graphics, images, and text corresponding to its purpose. You get additional support like email contact list management if you opt for our eCommerce PPC management services. We modify emails according to the target demographic and platform while links to similar products are also added. We use personalized data of your target audience to create email content that appeals to them.

What are the common sources of product information you use for listing?

We are very particular about where we get product information to add to your product descriptions. The ideal go-to source is the manufacturer. Their sites will be filled with content about the product. Or else, they may have provided the information to you when purchasing the product for sale. The other trusted source is the press which can carry details about the product such as launch dates, and more importantly, reviews. An early-to-market competitor's listing can also provide the required information. Independent reviewers may sometimes add to existing information. And we relentlessly scour social media sites for all sorts of product information and peer through the comments section for tidbits that previous users may have added.

What are the common KPIs you measure when gathering data about listings' performance?

The more the variety of data gathered, the greater the insight gained about your listing strategy's effectiveness. So, we include as many KPIs as are required. The Click-Through Rate (CTR) is one of the most prominent ones, as it tells us how compelling the content and product are to customers. It is combined with the Bounce Rate to learn about the number of visitors and conversions. The Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) and Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS) KPIs are used to find out the ROI of your marketing efforts. The number of matching searches for each product page is useful to learn about how well the description's SEO is put together. Others are also added based on requirements and mentioned in reports for clarity.

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