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Client: Renowned eCommerce Seller of Flooring material

Website: Not disclosed as per privacy policy

Type of eCommerce business: Online dealing with Modern rugs, Laminate flooring, and Bamboo wood.

Background of the Client:

The client has an online-based business of flooring materials of all types. The eCommerce client is known for offering a wide range of carpets, hardwood, tiles, bamboo, and rug-type flooring material all over the world. The organization was established in the year 1995. And, over the two decades and few more years, it has only grown and become a prominent contemporary modern flooring merchant. Customers can get the most recent modern style product lines at minimum costs. Their customer service providers never leave the buyers with trouble and queries. They are always at the customer's service to provide you with the best suggestion for flooring your place.

Requirements of Clients

Our client, who is a flooring service provider, needed dependable product data entry services for their online retail stores of flooring material. They were looking for experts to extract information from printed catalogs or manufacturer's websites and upload them to their eCommerce website. The client also wanted us to upload well-edited product photo images. Once the product data entry services are done, the client wants the specialists to upload all product data in an excel spreadsheet for future records.

The Client is a vendor who imports flooring materials from different manufacturers and sells them on his website. As he already keeps a less margin in profit, the client did not want to invest much in online store maintenance services. Thus, they were expecting high-quality services at minimum cost.

Challenges faced by our experts

Completing the client’s requirements was not easy. Even our skillful and experienced team members faced a lot of challenges, below are some of them.

Our Solution

SAMM Data Services' dedicated team of eCommerce photo editing experts provided entire online store maintenance services to the client and helped them in becoming a well-known flooring and carpeting industry. Our eCommerce product data entry services providers researched thoroughly about the products and their demand in the market to upload the details in the eCommerce store and excel spreadsheet without any error.

We successfully edited the product images and brought life into them, uploaded the same on the store and spreadsheet. We also provided eCommerce SEO marketing services on demand. Our marketing strategies and their implementation helped the client to increase search traffic and increase sales.

Best practices done by our experts

Behind every fruitful and successful eCommerce business, there is an expert team of professionals to look after your website and online store. Behind our client ‘Floor my place’ successful store is our experts following efforts:


SAMM Data Services provided promising product photo editing services to the clients. Our services helped the flooring material provider in many aspects. Let’s see what were they:


SAMM Data Services improved the client’s business performance through flexible product data entering, product photo editing, employing keyword-rich descriptions and URLs. Our client’s eCommerce website is now more search engine friendly and relevant from a customer's perspective.

About SAMM Data Services

SAMM Data Services has 20+ years of experience in providing satisfactory and cost-effective solutions that help a variety of business owners to elevate their sales and brand name. Our data entry, photo editing, SEO marketing, and similar services make a difference in your eCommerce business and help you to give a tough fight to the competitors.

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