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Pay Per Click advertising is an efficient way to expand a brand’s online presence and increase sales. However, considering the intricacies of managing PPC campaigns, the task can be best performed by experts. Samm Data provides a complete spectrum of eCommerce PPC management services to help online merchants appear on top in natural search listings, improve web presence and drive high return on investment (ROI).

Our PPC management experts hold a wealth of experience in creating and managing effective PPC campaigns that deliver ROI by combining data analysis and continuous optimization to help you maximize budgets across Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our eCommerce PPC management specialists make sure that your ads appear on top and you pay only for qualified clicks.

eCommerce PPC Campaign Management Services at Samm Data

Through eCommerce PPC Services, Samm Data supports online merchants in creating well-optimized and effective PPC campaigns, monitor them frequently, point out areas of improvement and make necessary changes to help you reduce costs while boosting ROI. We assist right from conducting in-depth research and analysis, creating effective campaign ads, to lowering the average cost-per-click and adjusting bids.

We provide a complete suite of eCommerce PPC Services to help you drive traffic, increase sales and conversion figures:

Pre-Campaign Research: Working as an extension of the client’s in-house team, our PPC consultants analyze their business specifications, conduct competitive analysis and determine relevant, mostly searched and most profitable keywords to set up effective and targeted PPC campaigns. We also identify long tail keywords that help in driving qualified traffic to your eCommerce store and increasing sales.

PPC Ad Copywriting: At Samm Data, we house experienced eCommerce copywriters who create effective campaigns ads for several industry verticals and niches. Our PPC copywriters create compelling yet pithy ads that drive organic traffic to your site. We make sure that the message is written in less than 70 characters, which is the accepted norm for PPC ad campaign descriptions.

PPC Account Setup: Keeping in mind your goals and budget, our PPC management experts create your account. We also monitor your PPC account settings including locations and languages, bidding and budget, match type, daily maximum spending limit, etc.

Campaign Optimization: As part of our eCommerce PPC Services, we create multiple ads for all groups of keywords, link them to your landing pages and test their effectiveness across all the major search engines. We also keep a track of bid gaps and price changes. Further, we optimize the PPC campaigns while considering Quality Score implications and ensuring that you gain maximum ROI.

Campaign Analysis and Reporting: Our PPC experts constantly monitor, modify and update your campaigns, track conversion rates and provide monthly reports to give an overview of the campaign’s performance.

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Work With Google AdWords Certified Professionals

Aimee Green is our in-house Google AdWords expert, leading the team of PPC professionals, and overseeing strategic planning and execution of clients’ PPC campaigns. Together with several years of experience managing large eCommerce campaigns, majority of our campaign managers are equipped with Google Adwords and Analytics Certifications.

Google AdWords Certified

Whether it requires improving the quality score of your campaign to lower the cost per click or aggressively promoting ads and keywords that earn higher profit margins, our PPC account management experts proactively devise ways to bring in positive ROI for your campaign.

Not every AdWords search engine marketing firm will deliver the kind of specialized data driven eCommerce PPC management service that Samm Data Services will. Call our PPC Management AdWords Consultants Today!