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Competitor Price Monitoring Services

As eStores proliferate, shoppers across the world are being spoilt by an abundance of choice. They are getting increasingly fastidious and expect maximum value for money. It has become, as a result, absolutely vital for eCommerce entrepreneurs to offer shoppers the most attractive prices. It is, however, easier said than done. To be ahead in the pricing game, an eStore owner must keep a tab on the prices offered by the competitors 24*7. That is why, performing competitor price monitoring in house can be prohibitively expensive. It will divert the attention of an unacceptably large number of staff away from their core tasks. The pragmatic thing to do, thus, is to outsource competitor price monitoring to a competent vendor.

At, we offer competitor price tracking services to help you keep a tab on the prices offered by your competitors and formulating a dynamic pricing strategy that enables you to gain competitive edge in the market. As part of our competitor price analysis services, our experts provide real-time information on pricing and discounting in the marketplace.

Make your Competitor Price Monitoring Services outsourcing partner:

  • At we perform competitor price monitoring in real time. Our professionals will keep track of a product’s price trends throughout the day and record even the minutest fluctuation. We will, thus, help you evolve a responsive pricing strategy.
  • Our Competitor Price Monitoring Services professionals will gather data on a product’s pricing history and help you form an idea of its demand. You will able to, thus, take informed decisions on what products to offer on your eStore.
  • Our Competitor Price Monitoring Professionals understand that pricing data can appear complex and intimidating to someone not used to handling it. We, thus, always present pricing data in the form of simple graphs and charts which can be easily understood and interpreted.
  • Our Competitor Price Updating Services can be easily adapted to meet your specific needs. Depending upon what your requirements are, we will monitor the prices of a particular product or a group of products on rival eStores. We can also follow what new products your competitors are adding to their inventories and the prices at which they are offering them.
  • We are capable of performing competitor price monitoring both manually and by employing automated means. In the latter case we will use state of the art price monitoring software to capture price data from your competitors’ eCommerce websites.
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Samm Data follows a unique approach while delivering eCommerce Competitor Price Tracking Services:

  • At we will help you beat competition with our intelligent and affordable Competitor Price Monitoring Services.
  • Our professionals are vastly experienced and extremely versatile.
  • Depending upon your requirements, we can quickly customize our competitor price analysis services.

Please get in touch with us to know more about out Competitor Price Monitoring Services.