Catalog Processing Services

No more incomplete, inconsistent or hard-to-find eCommerce data with Catalog Processing Services from Samm Data.

eCommerce Store Maintenance Services

The day to day maintenance of an eCommerce store involves a myriad of tasks. Among other things, one must regularly update the product data, edit the product images, prepare original product descriptions, process orders, etc. Any sloppiness in their performance will inevitably result in your eCommerce store looking messy and your business taking a beating.

When you outsource eCommerce store maintenance task to us, we ensure that your website is well-managed, optimized and updated at regular intervals.

As a part of our eCommerce Store Maintenance Services we will:

  • Update the product price and availability.
  • Enter or update your product data without errors. Our eCommerce Store Maintenance Services professionals will enter the product price, product name, SKUs, brand name and manufacturer’s identity with cent per cent accuracy.
  • Prepare or refine your product taxonomy. Products, to be traced easily by shoppers, must be placed under the right categories or sub-categories. Besides, product categories must not be too big and cluttered in order not to confuse shoppers. Our professionals will ensure that your products are sorted correctly in categories of manageable size.
  • Whenever relevant, add additional details like product weight, color, shape, etc, to your product data.
  • Improve your product images. The photo editors at will make your product images smart by ridding them of spots and blemishes and correcting their contrast, color and light. We will also crop your product images and erase unattractive backgrounds from them. We can produce product images of all kinds – thumbnail, zoom and custom defined.
  • Process orders. We will validate and authenticate your orders quickly and with a hundred per cent accuracy. We can handle all kinds of orders - sales orders, distribution orders, backorders, blanket orders, split, auto-ship and complex continuity orders – with uniform competence.
  • Ensure the uniqueness of your product images. As part of our Online Store Maintenance Services, we will meticulously go through all your product descriptions and weed out the ones which have been reproduced from manufacturers’ websites. Our writers will then replace them with hundred per cent original descriptions written in a lucid and persuasive language. We will also keep your descriptions keyword rich and SEO friendly.
  • Enrich the product meta tags and titles with keywords and make them SEO compatible.
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Samm Data has a unique approach to eCommerce Store Maintenance and provides the best value.

  • At we provide eCommerce Store Maintenance Services to relieve eCommerce entrepreneurs of the everyday hassles that are a part of managing an eStore.
  • No matter what platform your eStore is mounted on or what your industry vertical is, we will maintain your eCommerce store with faultless efficiency.
  • We can also easily adapt your services to accommodate any special requirements that you might have.
  • We offer Online Store Maintenance Services at cost-efficient prices. We also have the best turnaround rates.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our eCommerce Store Maintenance Services.