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Scale Your eCommerce Business With Professional eCommerce Product Description Writers. Increase Search Rankings With 100% Unique & Optimized Listing Content.

Product Description Writing Services

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SEO-Friendly Product Copywriting

Rank higher on search engines with unique product descriptions that match your brand tone, identity, and offerings. Establish a connection with your target customers and increase engagement with product description writing services from SAMM Data Services.

You might be doing everything right, but your eCommerce business is unlikely to be in profit unless your product descriptions are original. If your product descriptions are copied from the manufacturers' websites, the eStore page rank will suffer severely, and you'll risk a penalty from Google. A low page rank, in turn, will mean fewer people visiting your eStore site and reduced sales.

Our eCommerce Product Description Writing Services Can Come In Handy!

We provide our clients with direct access to dedicated eCommerce experts and eCommerce product description writers. Together, they create relevant and optimized copies that highlight your product's best features, put your listing page on the first Google search result page, and amplify traffic, leads, and conversions for your online business.

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Enjoy Exclusive Advantages With eCommerce Copywriting From SAMM Data Services

eCommerce Copywriting

With 12 years in the eCommerce industry, 300+ projects, a wide spectrum of clientele, and specialized eCommerce support, we are uniquely positioned to answer all business requirements in this domain with ease.

Outsource product description writing services to our company and impress your prospects with ease.

  • Improved Search Result Rankings
  • Higher Click-Through-Rate
  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Reduced Cart Abandonment
  • Better Feedback Response Rates
  • Higher Conversion Rates

Our eCommerce product description writers work towards strengthening the long-term performance of your online retail website and product listings. Through a well-laid-out strategy, appropriate customer profiles, segment-wise audience intent understanding, and market research, we craft copies that convert.

Start Driving ROI With Conversion-Boosting Product Description Writing Services

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Grow Your Online Presence With Ease

  • Hire Multiple Product Description Writers

    Hire Multiple Product Description Writers

    Expedite the speed of work by using multiple product copywriting specialists to work on your listings in simultaneous batches.

  • Work On Several Projects At Once

    Work On Several Projects At Once

    Hire a team of product description writers on an hourly as well as a long-term basis to work on as many projects as you need.

  • Get the Results You Want Without Delay

    Get the Results You Want Without Delay

    Get on-time delivery and the assurance of results that match your expectations without fail with our unique product descriptions.

A Unique Approach To Product Description Writing

At SAMM Data Services, we provide product content writing services and offer direct access to a workforce of adroit and experienced writers. We create product descriptions that are unique, compelling, and simple and ensure an optimized eStore that constantly acquires high page ranks, improved traffic, and better conversions.

When you outsource product description writing services to us, our copywriters conduct in-depth research on your merchandise. This helps them to write unique, persuasive, and informative product descriptions that keep the visitors engaged. Hence, you can enjoy better conversion rates and improve the business's bottom line.

Our eCommerce copywriting professionals will help you address multiple market segments and audiences. We adapt our copywriting language according to the demographic preferences of your target audience. For instance, we understand very well that the language that serves to describe teenagers' or young adults' clothing will not do for business suits or formal gowns. Hence, you get product-appropriate descriptions framed using language and vocabulary that reflects the interest of the target audience.

Our eCommerce product description writers also provide content writing services at the most competitive rates. Our turnaround time is the best in the industry.

Get Qualified eCommerce Product Description Writers On Your Team In No Time

eCommerce Product Description Writers

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Partner with SAMM Data Services for exceptional product description writing services, complete marketplace support, and better eStore performance. Our product description writers will make sure that your listings stand out from those of your competitors and perform better on all search engines and eCommerce platforms.

Drop an email to us at and ask for a demo trial, totally free of cost, to understand more about our offerings.

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eCommerce Product Description Writing Services: FAQs

1. How Much Do Product Descriptions Cost?

The cost of product description writing services varies based on different client requirements, like the volume of products, type of listing content, target platform (website, Amazon, eBay, etc.) However, we ensure cost-effective and budget-friendly quotes through customized packages and competitive rates.

You can get a closer cost estimate by sharing your requirements with us at

2. How Do You Optimize Product Descriptions?

We optimize product descriptions through a multi-layered process that involves niche-specific market research, keyword research, user persona creation, and uniform keyword integration throughout the product copy.

3. What If I Don't Like The Product Description Writer Assigned To Me?

With SAMM Data Services, you have the choice to change the assigned resources for a specific period. During that time (predetermined at the time of project commencement), you can request another resource on the basis of unsatisfactory work.

4. How Can I Track My Project?

We assign a dedicated project manager to every client. They will monitor the progress of product description writers and report the progress to you at regular intervals. Additionally, you can demand reviews from the managers at any time.

5. Do You Employ Product Description Writers In My Niche?

Yes. Our team of eCommerce product description writers includes multiple domain experts. This permits us to conveniently work with businesses across different niches and deliver on a wide range of requirements without fail.

6. Is It Ok To Use Product Descriptions From Manufacturers?

No. An eCommerce seller must never use manufacturer's product descriptions because doing so will alert Google and cause plagiarism-related issues, leading to penalties and blacklisting in several cases.

We only accept 100% authentic and unique product descriptions from our writers so our clients can be assured of never facing such issues.

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