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eCommerce Marketing Checklist on christmas 2014

The 2014 holiday shopping spree has just begun. Consumers are wandering here and there in search of the best Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts that they can get at reasonable prices for their family members, friends and relatives. What are you waiting for? Is your eCommerce store ready to face the holiday rush head on? Do you have your promotional offers in place to attract customers and increase sales?

With rapid advancement in technology and increasing customers’ awareness, marketing strategies become ineffective the next moment. So, the techniques you employed last year to boost your eCommerce business and drive maximum traffic to your site would not bring the same positive result this year.

Here is a checklist to find out if your online store is geared up for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014:

Responsive design

If your website is unresponsive, this is the right time to get it redesigned with intuitive user interface and responsive design so that your customers can easily access your site on their hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc. It will not only enable you to outshine the competition but also attract scores of prospective customers who are in a habit of making online purchases through their mobile phones.

Home Page

Home Page represents your store and you must put your best image forward through it to entice customers, convince them to browse through the site and make purchase. You must make sure that you have prominent calls-to-action on this page that persuade the visitors to further explore the website. For example: “View our range of Christmas present ideas here”, “Find the best gifts for your best friend”, “Shop for Christmas accessories” and the like.

Besides, you must also use visually-attractive graphics and images that clearly highlight discounts, offers and promotions.

Engaging content

To keep your customers coming back for more, you must provide them with rich, useful and engaging content that grabs their attention. For this, you can work on your product descriptions and ensure that they are interesting, engaging and compelling. Further, you can also enhance product images’ quality and make them clearer and attractive for the target market. You can certainly boost your site’s conversion rates this festive season if you provide relevant and valuable information to the customers.

Add coupons and promotional campaigns

Online shoppers are always on a lookout for the best price at which they can get gifts for their acquaintances. To retain your existing customers and ensure repeat business, you must add coupons and promotional campaigns that help you increate sales. For example: You can attract online shoppers by providing them offers like “One Free Greeting Card”, “Free Shipping Over $30 On Select Items”, “$10 Off on Flower Gift Orders”, etc.

Offer gift wrapping for free

So, your customers have decided the gift they are buying for their dear ones. What’s the next step? Payment? Yes, but wait, wouldn’t it be nice if you provide them gift wrapping for free on orders for over a specific amount. This will help you engage them customers and increase product sales.

Sell across multiple channels

There are scores of online marketplaces that can help you expose your brand in front of the target market and augment product sales this Christmas by a huge margin. You can upload product feeds on multiple online channels like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Rakuten, etc., as well as on comparison shopping engines including Google Product Search, Amazon Product Ads, Shopzilla, eBay Commerce Network, PriceGrabber, etc., that online shoppers often use to find great product deals.

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