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Cyber Monday Sales

Just as Cyber Monday sales skyrocketed last year by 18%, this year would apparently be no different. Keeping this in mind, online retailers are gearing up for this day when most people return to work after the holiday weekend and surf the internet to find the best deals and make purchases. So, how are you planning to gain competitive edge and take advantage of this upsurge in consumer spending? Besides offering free shipping, huge discounts and coupons, there is a lot more to do such as populating the store, managing inventory, eCommerce marketing and efficiently processing orders.

Let’s walk you through the top five tips that can help you augment product sales and boost profits this Cyber Monday:

Optimize product detail pages

Well-optimized product detail pages can not only help you gain better rank in search engines but also in increasing the conversion rates of your site. Containing product titles, descriptions, images, prices, availability status, manufacturer’s details and other information, product pages must be optimized in tune with the current SEO strategies. It is essential to create effective product descriptions that contain all the requisite information along with relevant and mostly-searched keywords, edit product images and make sure that they are clear and attractive, update product availability status, add customer reviews and update shipping-related information at regular intervals.

Create targeted Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

This is certainly the best time to go for pay-per-click advertising to attract the target audience and boost sales. Create a unique PPC campaign with effective ads that focus on discounts, offers and free shipping. Besides advertising on Google, you can also choose to market your products on Facebook, Bing and through retargeting.

Check your site for bugs

Cyber Monday means increased traffic and to convert your visitors into customers, make sure that your website works smoothly and competently. Check your eCommerce site for bugs so that it doesn’t crash just when scores of customers would be clicking the ‘buy’ button.

Prepare Pre-Cyber Monday Promotions and Coupons

It is important to create promotional campaigns that help in attracting customers and augmenting product sales. You can also create coupons that can be used when the customers make the payment. By thoroughly researching and

Get mobile-friendly

As reports suggest that approximately one-in-seven online orders come from a mobile device like smartphone or tablet, online retailers must have mobile-friendly sites to increase traffic as well as product sales. So, make sure that your eCommerce site is responsive and functions smoothly on mobile devices.

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