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Although Amazon is a part of the online marketing industry, it has grown so immensely that the audience now gets to know about online shopping through Amazon. Amazon is helping millions of sellers and vendors to earn more and grow successfully by selling on Amazon. Not only this, billions of customers are also finding flexibility in online shopping at reasonable prices. If you are running a retail business and pondering what wonders Amazon is doing and why you should choose Amazon among other eCommerce marketplaces then this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we will enlighten you with amazing features and benefits of Amazon and how you can grow as a marketer through platform selling on Amazon.

Besides, we will also take you through the best practices such as Amazon product listing, Amazon product description writing, online store maintenance, and more to become a successful seller. So, stay tuned!

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Let us take you through a detailed explanation of the aforementioned topics one by one.

Top 5 reasons for start selling on the Amazon marketplace

When we think about the lucrative eCommerce marketplaces in the online retailing industry, Amazon struck our mind. Amazon is not only the best platform to shop but also to sell as well. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why a seller must consider selling products on Amazon.

1. Expect millions of consumers in your store

As per the latest reports of Statista on the Amazon marketplace, more than 200 million are Prime members and 214.43 million unique consumers visit Amazon every month. Imagine how many people are devoted to buying products from Amazon. Hence, it means when you launch your products on Amazon and do the product listing accurately, millions of potential customers can appear in your store.

2. Start selling on Amazon with low investment

Knowing the benefits of selling on Amazon, you would think it must cost an arm to become a seller. Well, not! Amazon is very humble to beginners, all it asks from you is to be genuine. Amazon’s selling fee is relatively very low as compared to the other marketplace and once you are ready to sell, you are just a few bucks away from selling.

3. Brand reputation on another level

When you decide to sell on Amazon, you can’t let the grass grow under your feet, you have got to get going with selling products actively and accurately. Amazon makes sure that its sellers are selling legitimate products with good reviews and providing high-quality customer support. These practices make Amazon sellers more loyal to the customers and hence, the brand reputation will increase rapidly and will stay for a longer period.

4. Expand business on a global level

Amazon is a trusted brand over the seas. Thus, you get the chance to sell products all over the world using the Amazon.com platform. Whereas, as a seller, you only have to give assurance that you can process international shipments as well. Imagine, you don’t even have to open stores in different geographical locations. Sell products all over the world without moving from your comfort place.

5. Effective advertising and marketing

Amazon has introduced the best advertising and marketing strategies for the sellers and that too at affordable prices. Amazon advertising options such as sponsored product advertisements, product display advertisements, and sponsored advertisements help the sellers to grow their brand on Amazon and even outside the marketplace such as their own eCommerce website as well and increase the net income.

Moreover, Amazon helps customers to compare similar products and their prices so that the customers can make better decisions regarding their product purchases.

Tips on how to get noticed by customers on Amazon

Always know that the customers are more important for you to get noticed and boost sales on Amazon. Hence, your focus should be on how to increase the visibility of your product organically. Let’s learn.

Increase Visibility of Amazon

1. Market your products through Amazon Sponsored Ads

Marketing your products through Sponsored Advertisements of Amazon is one of the fastest ways to grab the attention of buyers. By using different types of Amazon advertisements you can appear on the top of the Amazon search result and hence, customers will be more likely to visit your product page instead of others.

Moreover, implementing the marketing strategies cleverly along with maintaining the Amazon rules and regulations is a daunting task. Nevertheless, you can always outsource Amazon or eCommerce marketing services from promising service providers and see your products appear on the top of the page for a long time.

2. Perform Search Engine Optimization of products

When a customer searches for his desired product, he types certain keywords to make their finding easier. The keywords could be short and in the form of long-tail questions as well. While doing the product listing, if you target similar keywords and embed them into the catalog, the customers will find your product easily.

Amazon, like any other eCommerce marketplace, has set its own rules for product descriptions. Hence, you must perform the method of SEO research carefully. Outsourcing eCommerce SEO services is always a wiser option. As experts, optimize keywords and make your product the most relevant for a customer’s search.

3. Optimize your product listings

To increase the visibility of your products, you must look after the following important things of each and every product in your Amazon catalog.

  • Product description: It is the best option to provide compiled information of your product, its features, usage, specification benefits, and more.
  • Product title: The title should be catchy and clear for the customers to understand what the product is.
  • Product image: Make sure that the product image defines the product accurately and it’s clear & catchy.

Avail Amazon listing services and make sure each of your product descriptions matches the customers’ searches and appear on the top of the list.

4. Focus on the virtual representation of products

One of the best virtual representations of products for online retailing is a product image. The images of your products are equally important as many customers may take an exit from your store if the image is not compelling. Don’t forget to hire professional photographers to click the best pictures of your products.

Even if the pictures are not clicked well, at least make sure of availing Amazon photo editing services so that the pictures posted on your Amazon account are clearly visible.

5. Implement effective product pricing strategies

You must always keep updating the product prices every few months. Revising the product prices depicts that you care for customers’ affordability. Whereas, the pricing should not be done without correct analytics. As a seller, you should always perform competitor product pricing analysis, market analysis, and consider customers’ preferences before settling the new price.

What makes you a successful Amazon seller?

Launching a store on Amazon is itself an effective step towards becoming a successful seller. To make your eCommerce business even stronger and run successfully, you outsource the time-consuming and professional tasks to the experts. But, as a seller, there are a lot of things you can do and without working on the following lessons, it might take forever to achieve success on Amazon.

1. Understand your potential customers

Amazon is also constantly trying to learn more about the customers so that they have the best purchasing experience. From a customer searching for a product to adding the same to the cart, Amazon tracks their buying behaviors.

As a seller, you can list products on your Amazon homepage that customers might be interested in buying them. Analyze the potential customers’ interests and purchases of products in the past before starting managing your product data. You can also provide the option to reorder the product for the customers.

Although to fulfill the product listing requirements, you may find difficult and there the best option is to outsource Amazon marketplace product listing services, it will also help you to create a bridge between your products and potential buyers.

2. Meet the requirements of customers

To make your customers happy and make them visit your Amazon store, again and again, you need to meet their requirements. Recommendation plays an important role in the online retailing business. As per a survey done in recent times 71% of Amazon customers trust bloggers, social media stars for the shopping experience and product quality. These days, the buyers share their shopping experience and product usage experience with others, and personal referrals work more than any expensive marketing strategy.

Understand the preference of your audience and focus on delivering the same to make your customers happier. As many customers will share their better experience, more new customers will buy from your store. Try to lower the acquisition cost of customers and increase product lifetime value and experience loyal customers buying from your store in the long run.

3. Analyse data and make a better decision

The decision making practices should be based on more factual information and analytics rather than what you think as a seller. For example, the selection of products should depend on what your potential customers need or want and not what you think they might like.

To personalize the feedback, send emails to the customers after a week of product’s delivery and ask them how they find it. These practices may take a lot of your time and thus, you can always hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant and make him get you honest reviews on your products. Post this practice, you can analyze the feedback and make some better decisions for your Amazon store.

4. Create a community for buyers

As per recent research and survey, 87% of Amazon customers prefer to check the feedback, review, and comments on the product and then make their purchasing decision.

You can keep a separate rating section, question and answer section, and feedback section for customers to share their experience. This way, your existing customers will find it easy to review your product and the potential customers can make better decisions from clear analytics.

Whereas you can always elevate your Amazon business by taking help from Amazon marketing services providers and increasing your brand value. But, making these small and yet impactful attempts can go hand in hand with your Amazon Virtual Assistants.

Still, in doubt, whether to sell on Amazon or not? Let’s give you a clear vision

Even after going through the aforementioned information, if you are in doubt about selling on Amazon or not, then here we are with all the answers to your questions. Go through the FAQ section and resolve all your doubts. In case you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

Ques 1: Why should a seller consider selling on Amazon?

Ans: The apparent reason why any seller should consider selling products on Amazon.com is that selling on Amazon allows you to reach a considerably wider and more promising customer base than any other eCommerce site. Another amazing fact about doing business on Amazon is the possibility of earning more money while performing less labor with minimum investment.

Ques 2: Can Amazon FBA make me a successful seller?

Ans: Yes, once you start selling on Amazon, you are more likely to remain to sell on the business. According to smallbiztrends.com, in 2019, 61% of Amazon FBA sellers gained profits and in 2020, 92% of them continued selling products on Amazon. Wondering why? Because Amazon FBA provides an extraordinary income to the seller and makes your business profitable year by year.

Ques 3: Did Amazon help sellers in a pandemic?

Ans: Yes. Although customers are the God of the Amazon marketplace, sellers are the backbone of it. Amazon helped the sellers in every possible way to make their business survive in the pandemic and their following offerings helped the customers to gain profit unexpectedly.

  • Amazon provided refunds to the sellers for canceled orders.
  • 50% off on fee for selling on the Amazon marketplace.
  • No need to pay the fee of storage

Ques 4: Are there any cons of selling products on Amazon?

Ans: The only cons of selling goods on Amazon is the competition. The Amazon marketplace is much loved by sellers and buyers and thus there is probably no seller left who is not selling on Amazon. No matter what type of goods you sell, you will see bigger players in the field. Nevertheless, with the help of accurate Amazon product listing, effective marketing strategies, and the right approach to sell products, you can overcome any challenges and succeed.


Choosing to sell products on the Amazon marketplace is itself a great step towards success in the online retailing business. Amazon gives uncountable opportunities to sellers and vendors to grow and sell more but, gradually you will realize that not all the goals can be achieved alone. While using the right platform to sell, you will also have to make the right attempts to grow. Amazon Virtual Assistants are your true companions who will share your workload and help you succeed. If you are looking for Amazon store setup and management services, or product listing services to make your products clearly visible to the customers, contact us. We will assign our best VAs and experts to your project and help you become a successful brand.

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